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Divine Damnation

hello. My name is Ruthie. I just joined this community. my friend [yes it's really my friend] has a poem that she wanted some feedback on. hopefully it is "gothic" enough for this community. so i shall post it. i'm sorry if it wasn't gothic enough. please add comments. I shall get them to her. or you can email her at, that would be nice too. thankyou.

Divine Damnation

I was running across the field of life,
Chasing the thing society calls right,
When a gaping hole opened under my feet.
Desperately I clinged to the normalcy.

I watched it slip through my fingers,
Wisping like smoke
And finally I gave up,
Closed my eyes and let go.

I feel into the blackness
Thinking this is all.
This is death,
This incessant fall.

I gave into this absence of light.
I realized it would do no good to fight.
So I gave my mind over to the black,
Hoping consciousness would never come back

For I was tired of searching for my Eldorado
To quit the chase was best.
Then I heard a voice speaking
“Lay down your head Luv, and rest.”

What is the warmth
I feel on my face?
I open my eyes,
I’m swimming in lace.

I close my eyes again.
This must be a dream.
I open them to the angelic face
Of the beautiful Metastopolis

Across the room she stood
Clad in metal and black.
With wings the color of a raven
Coming out of her back.

He rhair matched her wings
As it waved around her face
Casting a glow into her eyes
Which were bright and searing gray.

And yet amongst all this darkness
Were lips of perfect pink,
As well as a cherubic flush
That raided through her cheeks.

She glided over to me smiling,
A sinister gleam in her eyes,
Sat on the edge of the bed
On which I did lie.

I was to enthralled to move,
Entranced by her silver eyes.
Through I do believe I had one though
Where in the Hell am I?

“Precisely!” she exclaimed with a grin,
obviously reading my thought.
“This I sthe glorioud kingdom of hell,
And the level even Dante forgot.”

She said the next words as if sensing my fear,
And my anger at God,
For letting me wind up here.

“Do not be afraid, “ she said
whispering into my ear.
“You were mine before your birth,
you are destined to be here.

“I made you of my own rib
better than Adam ever could
I gave to you my bloods fatal kiss
So that come to me you would.

“Understand that everything in life
has its purpose in death.
Ever sing of your nature
Was planned by my hands
To bring you stupendous rapture.

She then planted her lips firmly on mine
And spoke straight into my head,
“You were born of my soul to be my lover,
predestined to share my bed.”

I have to say I wasn’t angry at fate,
But I had one more question to asks.
“Will God not be enraged at your saint,
to make another devil as you have?”

“I suppose he would be, if I were not he.
If we were not one in the same.
But heaven is hell, and hell is a kingdom
Engulfed in a heavenly flame.”

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