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The Nightmare

Hi; I'm Alicia. I'm new to this community; I joined because I love to write poetry, and my poetry is mainly dark. 
I posted this in


too. It's a sestina, so enjoy :)

Slowly, silently creeps the darkness
drooling with hunger for your screams
within it lies slumbering terror,
beyond crawls the grotesque
no less living despite the grip of Death
this is only the beginning of your end.

Never in your wildest dreams was this the end,
smothered in a thick blanket of darkness
grasping with relief the ice-cold hand of Death
final thoughts drowned out by piercing screams
eyes burned with the image of the grotesque
body paralyzed helplessly in the iron grasp of terror.

Now your very soul is marred by terror
looming in the distance is this road's end,
flashing memories behind your eyes blur to grotesque
you long for the blinding darkness
but echoes still their starving screams
while on the edges hovers the patient Death.

Even if sight and sound fail, still lingers the stench of Death
the damned feasting on your terror
sucking dry your screams
you and they desire different ends,
one thriving, other dying in the darkness
leaving slimy trails of wetness that feel grotesque.

Horrified, eyes wide, watch the macabre dance of the grotesque,
crawling, squirming, dragging themselves for Death
bind you tightly with darkness,
your fragile mind shattered by overwhelming terror
silently pleading for a swift end
your soul torn ragged by the screams.

Soon your raw throat produces mere whimpers of screams,
no longer feeding, growing full are the grotesque
the climax over, hurtling down to the end,
where with dripping jaws awaits an eager Death
blessed numbness spread by terror
sharp stabs of pain swirling towards empty darkness.

Suddenly the darkness vanishes, a mere throbbing becomes your terror,
no longer exists the grotesque, no longer threatens Death
your screams fade to silence, as this is... your nightmare's end.
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