Reina Hardy (reinahardy) wrote in gothicpoetry,
Reina Hardy

A Summer Sonnet Slam

Hey- hope it's ok to post this here. Might be a great time for anyone in Chicago who's the right age. Believe me, Shakespeare can be pretty bleak.

The Viola Project (Shakespeare for Girls!) presents A Summer's Day
Sonnet Slam: Saturday, June 10th, 10am - 4pm, at CityLit Theatre, 1020
W. Bryn Mawr. Love to act? Love to write? Why choose? This one-day
workshop, open to girls 11-17, will combine the performance of
Shakespeare's poetry with a chance for students to write their own.
$45. Apply at or call 312-528-9121.

The Viola Project is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to
empowering young women through the understanding and performance of
Shakespeare's plays.
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