lucidnightmare6 (lucidnightmare6) wrote in gothicpoetry,


In the dark
Your mind will stray
Into a land
Where thoughts will play
Where dangers lurk
And creatures hide
A place that haunts you deep inside

Your fears will roam
And watch you run
Chase you all night
Their twisted fun
Crouch in corners
Hide behind doors
It will always be

Waiting for you
You run so fast
Not fast enough
Can’t catch your breath
Its right behind you
You feel it exhale
Warm on your naked neck

A cold sweat builds
Runs down your face
Distorts your face
Lost in this place
You cannot see
You cannot run
You feel it close in

In a trance
You cannot move
Your body frozen
Impending doom
You want to scream
Nothing comes out
Your voice has left you

You see those eyes
Those eyes that haunt
Dreams become nightmares
You now fear sleep
The veil of bravery
Fails to convince you now
What are you to do?

The thing you run from
This hides in your mind
The distress you feel
Oh how you suffer
At the hands of this
Your greatest terror
Your nightmare.
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