OggSmith (oggsmith) wrote in gothicpoetry,

milk and honey

I turn out the lights and picture how it used to be
And slowly slide the needle beneath my skin
The taste of milk and honey the freedom that it brings
Is but a brief moment of what it used to be
I can feel it pulsing through my veins
And I feel more dead all the time

There was a time when it was you and me
Before you left this world and all its agony
My hands shake as your memory pierces my soul again
So I throw back a few more pills and chase it with whiskey
I try to forget all the pain I try in so many ways
Somehow I know I never will

You always said you could never live without me
But now you’ve gone and left me here alone
So I try to lose my pain any way that I can
I think I’ll just let go of this world tonight
They’ll find me here with a needle and a spoon
Grasping this old picture of you
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