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Understand? [Part One]

My poetry skills are bleh, since I haven't written anything that possessed me to cry in ages (okay, a year) and I never really saw poetry in sub-cultures, just dark poems, serious poems, love poems, and happy/funny poems. I assume most everything here is on the macabre side of the line.

You won't understand
You never can
Understand my words
You never understand my tears
As they caress my
Chocolate skin
And my cries go unheard
Until you call them
And I am subjected to mind control
With positive thinking
And high self esteem
And overproduced music
When all I need is you
I need you to be there
But you never listened
No sympathy, no understanding
No letting things just be
When all I need was for you to listen
And set aside your own morals
And your misconceived judgments

Mother, do you understand?


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